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Rates can vary a lot per session or project, since there are different levels of production, different locations, and different numbers of people involved in every shoot. Rather than try to have you figure all that out I'll give you an idea of where the prices start. Please inquire for a more specific rate. Here are the base rates:

• Portrait Sessions start at $125

• Events start at $500

• Business Photos start at $150

• Business Head Shot Portraits start at $100

Packaged Products Some of our more common photographic products can be packaged. Click on the links below to go to more specific information about each of these packages

Senior Photos

Family Photos

Tribute Photography

Editorial/Photojournalism/Commercial Projects

Projects can involve a lot more than just photos. We can also capture audio and video in order to create a multimedia story for the web or other digital venue. Hiring talent, setting up locations, and working with effects production can all be involved as well. For projects like this I prefer to talk to you before I give you any quotes on price. In some cases a project may really require a team of professionals. If you need a team, I do have associates I work with regularly, and access to other professionals I recommend in other specialties.

If you've already got a team, that's great, and I do work well with others. So, if you've got a project in mind, please give me a call. I'd love to talk to you about options and prices. peterroise@gmail.com Phone # 208-874-3433

Event Rates

Often I will take photos at an event or even just in a public setting. If you are interested in getting those images of yourself, your children, your friends etc. they are often available in one of my "Client" galleries. Just use the shopping cart to purchase downloads starting at $.10 for a low resolution (1MP) image. Business Rates Businesses need a different kind of image and for different purposes. My rates for business photos are consequently different as well. That doesn't necessarily mean more expensive. For instance, a business "head shot" starts at $50 for a basic in studio session. Web use images are also quite reasonably priced starting at $200 for a 40 image proof gallery (you'll be able to use as many of them as you want royalty free for that price). Obviously these prices can vary depending on the kind, number of, and uses to which you want to put these images. And in many cases the best solution may be found in a negotiated contract of some sort, so please stop by or give me a call. Licensing Images In the new digital age of photography I strive to keep licensing simple and friendly.

First, digital files are always available to clients. I wouldn't buy a photo-shoot if I couldn't get the file, and so I don't expect you to either. Second, the use of the images is governed by licenses. Two basic categories apply to image licenses: Personal Use License—allows users to post images to personal web sites, make personal print copies, and share the image with friends and family. Commercial Use License—allows the user to post images to business web sites, use the images for printed ads and marketing material, and generally covers the business use of images. Expect to sign a contract which outlines the specifics of each session or project. If you have any questions please give me a call at 208-874-3433 or send me an email: peterroise@gmail.com.

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